So.....I FINALLY realized I am NOT superwoman

*Sigh* I don't even know where to begin. Between taking care of a 4 year od, an 8 month old, and a disabled army vet husband, I have FINALLY realized that I am NOT superwoman.  For months I have been driving my husband to appointments, my daughter to and from school, taking care of baby (who BTW just started crawling AND is teething), working from home, and trying to find time for myself in the process.  I have had the occasional lunch date with friends, but I am sooo tired...ok mentally exhausted is more like it.  I guess I have been on some semi-comatic (is that a word) adrenaline high that I have not been able to realize how physically exhausted I am also.  See, I'm startin to not even make sense anymore lol.  Well, its definitely time to unmask myself.  I am not superwoman, I am Stephanie. It is time for Stephanie to start taking care of Stephanie too.


  1. Hi Stephanie. I commend your husband for his duty to country. You also deserve praise for all you do. We all wish we could be wonder woman but alas, she is 100% not real. But you are and you deserve a break. Hope you find some time for yourself so you can recharge.

  2. Thanks so much Small Burst! You are so right. I am learning to take some time for me. Hope to see ya around!