I am homeless

I could not even imagine having to say those words aloud to myself.  Living on the island of Oahu has really opened my eyes to how serious the issue of homelessness is.  Even though this problem is not limited to Hawaii, I know that when people think of Hawaii homelessness is not one of the first things that pops into their head, if at all.  In reality the problem is bigger here than most people could even imagine.  When you say Hawaii, people think of beautiful white sand beaches, fabulous nightlife, relaxation...an all around dream vacation.  For a lot of people living here with no home it is more than likely a nightmare.  If you were to take a drive to some places and see families..... children, living in tents on the beach, sleeping on library steps, etc....it breaks my heart.  I do not know everyones story, nor do I know their entire circumstance, but this is an issue that does not look like it is going away any time soon.

picture courtesy of http://blog.lib.umn.edu/pete6513/architecture/homeless1.jpg


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. hmmm. It is sad and scary how many people are homeless - and difficult to understand why it seems like not nearly enough options exist

  3. So sad to know stories like this , but it force me to think of any type of Hawaii life insurance policy to secure the future of my family.

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