Tropical Storm

So the storm is expected to hit sometime tomorrow afternoon. I have stocked up on supplies, made sure I have my flashlights and gas in my car. Somehow I still feel unprepared. I wish my husband was home with us right now I would feel a little better. The rain has started and the wind is blowing at a steady pace now. The weather has been gloomy off and on all day. I'm saying my prayers and hope all is well. Let's hope the lights dont go out!!!

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  1. Hi! I am here in Hawaii(Oahu) too! Don't worry, I didn't prepare at all! My hubby is in Iraq, so he's not home... but I'm not very worried about it... well, maybe I am way too easy-going?

    I talked to the guy from my hubby's command today, he didn't hear anything serious about it, he said. N also, my son's school will probably open tomorrow, which means it's not gonna be that bad...?

    Well, we'll have heavy rain for sure, I guess, so probably stuck in the house... I hope we won't lose power... so I can still

    I hope you all will be fine as well!