Pull It Out????????

So I had this root canal done (I paid $800 out of pocket) on one of my bottom back teeth about three years ago. Everything was fine until a few months ago. I got this nagging pain in my tooth at the beach. By the time I went to bed all hell broke loose. I was in so much pain I could not even see straight, sit still, stop crying...u get the picture. I called around to so many dentists who offer "emergency services" to no avail. It turns out that my situation wasn't an emergency to them and since I was pregnant I couldn't be seen by anyone anyway until my OB approved it.

I paced the floors and took medication for the pain, but nothing helped. I went out at 3am to the Long's Drug Store down the street for some ambesol desperately hoping for some kind of relief. It worked for like 15 minutes. Around 5am the pain let up enough for me to doze off. I had my toddler in bed with me. Well what do u know. She rolls over and slaps me right on the side of the face where my tooth is hurting. So I'm up again. I can't wait until 9am when I get to see my OB.

I get to the doc and I have tears streaming down my face. Everyone is looking at me like I may be in Pre-term labor or something. I tell my OB what's up and she types up something saying that I can be seen by a dentist. I call my dentist and they tell me I can come in immediately. I find out that I have an abscess. Great. She gives me penicillin and refers me to a specialist to deal with the root canal.

Fast forward.

I go to the specialist. He does his thing, gives me a temporary fill in, and sends me on my way. There is a God. I feel sooooo much better. That was pain I would not wish on my worst enemy. Well, since I am pregnant I can't go back to my dentist for a permanent until I give birth.

All is well until a few weeks later. I get this dull, nagging pain again. Please don't let it be so when I just had to shell out over $600 of my money for this guy to work his magic. I called the specialist and let him know what is going on. He tells me to come in. Well whoopty doo. I have a crack in the root. WHAT!!! You have GOT to be kidding me. Can I have my money back???

I get more antibiotics , which aren't helping by the way, and I'm referred to an oral surgeon. Now I have to wait 30 days...yes 30 days till my appointment, AND I have to come out of pocket a couple of hundred dollars AGAIN. So I have paid over $1000 bucks of my own money on a tooth that I now have to get extracted????!!!! I am so upset right now! Not to mention I have a newborn and a toddler at home and my husband is deployed. That should be nice. Luckily he will be home around a month after I get this tooth pulled but I still have to deal with everything on my own.

I am definitely in the wrong profession. I have spent the same amount on a tooth that it will take me over a week to make in salary. *SIGH*


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  1. Hi Stephanie, Celeste here! Ok, I can relate. My temp fill fell out eating a tortilla chip and there's no eating on my right side now. The cost is ridiculous and even though I'm eating like a lopsided horse I STILL canceled my appt today. I hate the dentist :(

    Happy Healthy Teeth Tah Tah!