Wait!!!!....OR find another parking space

This has been happening to me a lot lately. I come out of the commissary, wal-mart, or wherever I am and someone stalks me for my parking space. I have 2 children to put in their safety seats, a stroller to put in the trunk of my suv, and groceries or whatever I purchased from the store to put in the vehicle. This will take more than 60 seconds!!! If you can't wait patiently FIND ANOTHER SPACE TO PARK! This really got to me when some rude guy, with 3 kids in his truck so he should understand, blew his horn at me while I was trying to get myself and 2 children in my truck. This is the third person to do this in like a month lol. I was so appalled. Was this really necessary? I have to admit that after he did that I sat in my truck a little longer than I should have before I pulled out hehe. I just couldnt help myself.


  1. I would... just put all stuff in the car, pull kids out, n go back to the store just so piss those ppl off!lol You are too nice!lol Do you go to commissary next by NEX? I go Hickam, their parking issue is much better...

  2. LMBO@mamajohnjohn.....that's a great idea...im usually pooped after shopping with the two terrors hahaha...yes i usually go to the NEX....i have to check out Hickam...didnt know i had a follower so close we should do lunch

  3. Why do people do that? We're not super moms here! If I could put both my kids in the car then my groceries and run my cart to the "cart collection thingy" in under 60 seconds I would be really impressed.
    I would go super slow! Tie my shoes, take my time with my kids seat belts. Check my list to see if I got everything I needed. Look at my receipt.
    If they honked at me and I was in the a bad mood they would get an earfull!!!

  4. In Hawaii no less, what happen to Aloha??? Seriously, that would make me want to go slower! Really let them get their money's worth of that honk. So RUDE! Glad you sat for a lil longer:)


  5. I agree with MamaJohnJohn! I hate people like that! Dude, you're lucky I'm even leaving, sit tight and kiss your lucky stars!